Valerie DeMarinis

seniorRådgivare | Professor i religionspsykologi och folkhälsa

Valerie DeMarinis, PhD, has a background in both cultural psychology and clinical work and research in mental health. She is an international member of the American Psychological Association. DeMarinis has professorships in both Sweden and Norway. In Sweden, she is Professor in psychology of religion and cultural psychology at Uppsala University. She is also, since 2015, Guest professor in public mental health at the Medical School at Umeå University, through the department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine. In Norway, she is Professor in public mental health promotion, coordinating research at the Innlandet Hospital Trust, working with  the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Concurrent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders, and through the Centre for Psychology of Religion.  

Currently, Valerie is the public mental health advisor for the EU RESPOND research project on the Governance of Migration. She is leading research and clinical projects in both Sweden and Norway on a variety of different topics including the inclusion of the DSM-5, Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) in different mental health and somatic clinical settings, for ALL patients.

She is a board member of the section on Psychiatry, Religion and Spirituality of the World Psychiatry Association. She has a special research focus in intervention- and prevention program evaluation, using a mixed-method design.  Through the public mental health promotion focus of her research, identifying resources for well-being and resilience in a community framework are primary concerns for addressing societal problems related to mental ill health, loss of meaning-making resources, and for addressing the multi-level needs related to patterns of attraction to violent radicalization.     


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